Ann Arbor Proud

Small town spirit. Big world ambition!

Why A2?

Because we believe it's time!

While we were designing the A2 logo, our team of designers made sure that they got Ann Arbor’s spirit into the design. Our logo has a touch of orange to represent the many facets of Ann Arbor. We’ve complemented the fun and exciting side of the A2 logo with the classy and business-y side of Ann Arbor by adding a dash of black. Ever wondered why the A in our logo seems to tower off into the sky? Ann Arbor is light-years ahead of other cities in the nation, and keeps on growing and surprising us.

A2 Crafted

Whether it’s to the floating college student population, the tourists from other states and countries, or the natives of Ann Arbor, the city never fails to surprise, amaze, and give back. Come be a part of the Ann Arbor spirit!